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March 17 – New Space

by | Mar 13, 2013 | News

I’m so excited about gathering for worship in our new space.  There have been lots of questions that are helpful.  If you have more questions or need information, please let us know.

Please try to be a little early – particularly this Sunday.  Some of us will need to get kids checked in.  All of us will need to find a seat to worship Jesus.  This would be a great weekend to invite someone new to worship Jesus with us.  I can’t wait!

The Look

Jenny VantLand and Taylor Stiles have worked really hard on the design and feel of the new space.  Stephen and Julie Croshaw have contributed to implement the plan.  Also, a team led by Brian Nettles is responsible for the new signage.  If you know where you are going, you should thank them.  Each of these have had a short period of time to work on this and they have done well.

The Face

The smiling faces you will see on Sunday to help you get where you are going are there in large part to Damon Murray’s leadership.  When they open a door or give you information, express your gratitude to them.  And consider joining them…we need lots of greeters to welcome our guests.

The Muscle

One of the major areas for us is the security of Exodus Kids.  Darren Bolick is leading a team to make this happen.  So, if you see anyone in a bright vest on Sunday, tell them you are thankful.

The Kids

Heather Phillips and her team are working to make Exodus Kids a place where kids love to worship Jesus.  Please pray for them as they make final plans.  And, when you are checking in your kids, please say a word of thanks to them.

There have been so many people who are working hard to make this transition happen in such a short period of time:  The AV Team, various communty groups, etc.  And for this, we should all be grateful.

So, as we gather to worship Jesus on Sunday, let’s be grateful to the Lord and to one another for all that we have.  Also, let’s pray that we would continue to be a redeemed people who worship and serve God in the world.  God’s got good things for us.  I can’t wait to experience them with you.

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