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We’re Moving: FAQs

by | Mar 4, 2013 | News

Got questions about the new space we talked about in our earlier post?Here are some key questions and answers. We’ll post more as we think of them.
Q:  When is it that we start in the new space?March 17 will be the first service in the new space at 101 South Main, and that will also be the date when changes to Exodus Kids go into effect.Q:  Where are we supposed to park for the new building?

For the most part, park where you have been parking. There may also be space behind Garibaldi Realty and by Belmont Ballet as well as some of the other adjacent businesses. If you see a sign telling you “don’t park here,” abide by it.

Q:  How long will we be staying in this location? Is this the “new home” we’ve been praying for?

We expect to be in this location for about one year. This will give us room to grow while we continue to pray and search for a more permanent space.

Q:  How much room for growth will this new space give us?

We can seat about 30 more people in each service at the new space compared to the Iris Room. Because Exodus Kids can now spread out into the entire Iris Room space, there is also good room for growth there.

Q:  My kids are young, and I’m concerned about being in a different building from them. How will anyone let me know if there’s a problem while I’m in the worship gathering?

We have a current system for texting the A/V team when there is a need for a parent in Exodus Kids. They post the need on the screens. We expect this system to continue to work well.

Q:  I’m willing to help with something if necessary, but I don’t know what the needs are. How can I find out?

There are teams set up for the following:

  • Exodus Kids,
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Audio/visual
  • Decorating
  • Greeters
  • Signage

Let us know which of those teams you’d like to serve on. If you can think of a need in an area not mentioned, let us know that, too, and we’ll get you connected.

Q:  I’m confused about when I should pick up my kids from the Iris Room. Or will someone bring them over to the worship space?

Parents will need to pick up their children after the service—not during. Parents will also be required to show the tag that corresponds to their child. No exceptions will be made for this. Kids will not be allowed to move between the spaces unaccompanied. K-5th grade children will be brought by their leaders to the worship space.

Q:  Will the security team be aware of who the teachers/helpers are? They/we will not necessarily have anything to show them to pick up children but will need to go back into the EK area. Or will they? How will that be handled?

There will be a list for the security team member outside of the Exodus Kids door each week that has the workers for the day on it.  They will be checked there and if not known to the security member, they will need to show ID.  Once inside, we will also check them in at the desk and then they will be able to proceed to their rooms.  This is why it will be VERY important that the teachers notify Heather Phillips in advance when they will be having a substitute.

Do you have other questions? If so, let us know, and we’ll post more answers here.

For more information about the move, look here.

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