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We’re Moving

by | Feb 26, 2013 | News

Well, we aren’t exactly moving, but change is coming. You may have noticed that seating is at a premium at Exodus lately…we thank God for the growth! But, this does create some complications that need to be addressed with our current space.  And God has faithfully opened up an interim solution that will give us some additional “breathing room” while we continue to search and pray for a permanent home.

To be clear, we do not believe that this is a permanent solution of any kind.  However, we do think that it will be a workable short-term solution to our current needs.

Beginning March 17, Sunday gatherings will be held in two neighboring locations: Worship and babies 6mo to 1 year will be at the “bike shop” building at 101 South Main Street.  Exodus Kids above 1 year old will be well taken care of at The Iris Room.

What we expect this to look like

Worship at the New Space

  •  The room will allow us to comfortably set up 150 chairs.  That is an addition of 30 chairs per service.
  • In addition to adult gathered worship, there will be a nursing mom’s room and space for 6-12 month olds in the same building as the new worship space so that moms of newborns can be close.

Exodus Kids at the Iris Room:

  •  K-5 will expand into our current worship space with a new look and new structure.  We are excited about the opportunities this grants to our children to have fun and learn more about God’s Word.
  • The younger kids will spread out in the rest of the space giving them more room and more space for new children.
  •  Exodus Kids check-in will be located at the entrance on the kid’s side and serve as the only entrance to Exodus Kids.  The door to the main Iris Room space will not be used as an entrance.
  • Safety for our kids is one of our highest priorities! Security will be beefed up in both locations and in between the spaces.
  • Access to Exodus Kids at the Iris Room will be granted only to workers or parents who are checking in or picking up their own children.
  •   Trained medical personnel will be readily available.
  •  Parents will need to pick up their children after the service – not during.  Parents will also be required to show the tag the corresponds to their child. No exceptions will be made for this.
  • Kids will not be allowed to move between the spaces unaccompanied.  K-5th grade children will be brought by their leaders to the worship space.
  • To provide for inclimate weather, we will be setting up a tent at the corner during needed waits for safe crossing.  We will also have Exodus umbrellas on hand for people to borrow.


Why we are excited

  • Both Exodus Kids and the gathered worship will have more space.  This means more people can hear about Jesus and get connected at Exodus Church.
  • It will be an easy move—just down the street. So, it’s easy for people who come to the “wrong place” to get to the new place.
  • There will be less set-up and tear-down required. We won’t have to share the new worship space with anyone else.


What we are doing to prepare?

A team of leaders is working to make sure that the things that must be done for this to work are accomplished.  Our primary focus is on security, children and signage/communication.  Please pray for those who are leading those teams.  We don’t get to make mistakes in these areas.

Others are working on getting our worship space set up, making the space attractive and recruiting greeters to help people feel welcome.  Pray for them as well that they would use their gifts and abilities to serve Jesus well.

What this will require?

Though our set up needs will greatly decrease, our volunteer needs will increase dramatically.  This will require everyone who calls Exodus home playing his or her part well for the glory of Jesus. If you’d like to serve in some way related to the transition or to the ongoing needs that it creates, please let us know.

Check out these questions and answers about the move here.


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