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Hope in God’s Power

by | Jul 25, 2012 | News

In our current series, We are praying that Exodus would become a more dependent, prayerful church.  If you have missed a sermon in this series, you can catch up here.

Two weeks ago, we looked at Exodus 3-4 and the second prayer for Exodus.  From this narrative history, we see God showing Moses a simple reality – that what God calls us to is not ultimately about our resources, abilities, etc.  Rather, our hope is in God’s presence and power to do all that he has called us to do.  In short, our prayer for Exodus is that we be a church that hopes in God’s power.

Last night, we had an experience that must be shared.  Exodus Kids Extreme is always an awesome week for our kids.  We have bible study, crafts, music, snacks, recreation…and a lot of fun.  Part of this time involves time in the park across the street from where we meet.  It’s perfect really…and we are grateful to have access to this space.

When we started at 6, radar showed a massive storm moving into our area.  Many of us were following the radar on our phones wondering how it would affect our plans for snack and recreation (stuff that happens in the park).  It really did look hopeless…as if severe weather was inevitable.  So, we encouraged the adult leaders to start praying…asking God to hold off the rain until after we were finished.

And we made it through the night with no rain…In fact, an area weather man posted this on Facebook.

Storms have gone completely around us today, unbelievable.

No, not unbelievable…just God doing what he does.  Answering prayers that are in accordance with His Will.

Now, God has not promised that he would hold off rain on command.  He may have it rain on us another time because he has other plans and wants us to depend on Him more.  But last night, He answered our prayers on this…and for that we are grateful.

Please continue to pray for God to show his power in awesome ways tonight as we wrap up Exodus Kids Extreme.  Pray also that we would be a people who hope in his power.  Pray that we would be a people who ask amazing things of an amazing God.

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