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Prayers for the Journey

If you’ve ever done any adventure recreation, you know the importance of the equipment you use.  The right harness, caribeaner, ropes, etc all make the event safer and sometimes even possible.  So, using the right equipment in the right way is important.  On the other hand, though the equipment is crucial to the activity, it is only a means toward the activity…never the end.

In a similar way, prayer is crucial equipment for our lives by allowing access to God through Jesus Christ.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray.  He prayed throughout his earthly ministry. So, prayer is crucial for followers of Jesus.  However, prayer is not the end.  It’s a means toward the end of knowing, enjoying and following God with our lives.

Perhaps the absence of prayer in our lives shows not a lack of knowledge about the equipment, but a lack of desire for the journey.

Paul Miller said, Our trust in ourselves and in our talents make us structurally independent of God.  We want to be a people who are structurally dependent on God.  And we will see this in our prayer.  Our goal for this series is for Exodus Church to knowingly, willingly and actively depend  on God through prayer.


Since knowing leads to doing, we want our church to be informed in a way that leads to prayer.  We want to know some things about God’s character and about prayer.


Action follows will.  So, our hope is that God would not just change our minds about prayer, but that our wills would be changed to want to pray.


Moving beyond knowledge and want to, prayer ultimately is something we do.  We want to be doers of the Word, not hearers only.

There is an amazing, dangerous, risky future ahead of each of us and our church.  Moving Exodus forward with the equipment of prayer is crucial to our part of God’s Mission.  Join us as Jesus teaches us to pray.

Some Resources on Prayer