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Won’t you be my Neighbor – Part 3

by | Oct 17, 2012 | News

So, we have been looking at the centrality of loving our neighbors and the importance of focusing in on our neighbors.  So, what do we do?

In the Art of Neighboring, they suggest the following…

We developed a simple framework that has proven to be a helpful tool for people who are trying to figure out where to start and then how to continue being a better neighbor:  Stranger → Acquaintance → Relationship.  The first step to taking the Great Commandment literally is to move from stranger to acquaintance in your relationships with those who live nearest to you. Learning a person’s name is the first and easiest step you can take to become a better neighbor.Jesus didn’t tell us to become acquaintances with our neighbors; he called us to love them, and that means we need to have an actual relationship with them.

So, start small.  What would it take for you to move from Stranger to Acquaintance with one of your neighbors?   Then, do that today…

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