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What do we have to fear?

by | Sep 11, 2014 | News


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On Sunday, we will be celebrating 5 years as a church. I’m so excited about worshipping with both our Belmont and Northlake Congregations. In preparation for this Sunday, I’ve been reviewing some of our history and found this letter. I received it from a member of our launch team about 5 years ago. It still encourages me today.

I believe last night was a little overwhelming for some.  The opening discussion of the risk and failure rate of church planting coupled with the massive information that had to be digested, may lead some to some thoughts of doubt, being overwhelmed, stressed out, fear, etc.  Defining risk as “The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger”, and failure as “the fact of something required or expected not being done or not happening”, as I see it, there are no risk or chance of failure involved in what we are about to engage in.  God has called us to this mission with the hope of reaching the people of the world for His glory.  Sure, Exodus may close it’s doors after 6 months, a year, 10 years.  What specific time frame indicates a success?

Maybe no one outside of the launch team ever sets foot in Exodus Church.  What number of members says we made it? There are no answers for these questions because we do not know the mind of God.  He has authored this and He will see that it accomplishes His goals and glorifies His name.  Our job is to be obedient to His word and follow the leading the Holy Spirit.

Of course our flesh will get in the way, but will that stop or hinder God in anyway?  I may spend a lot of time on this and never see any results.  I may be rejected by everyone I meet and talk to.  I may encounter persecution like never before.  People may spend a lot of money and never see a return on their investment.  Are those risk?  In the worldly sense yes, but to God and Christians that have an eternal perspective, NO!   The time, money, our bodies are His to with what he may.

We need not lean on our own talents, skills, knowledge, or wisdom, but ask in faithful prayer that He will provide all that we need as He has promised to do.  Exodus is already a success because people are hearing the Holy Spirit and responding in obedience.  Maybe that’s as far as it goes.  Maybe God just wants his children to learn to be obedient and disregard our circumstances and comfort by stepping out in faith and trusting God.

I know for myself, that my view and response to God’s call on my life to live a missional and relational life as a Christian has changed forever.  He has and is already changing lives through this.   What is there to worry about? What do we have to fear?


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