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Update from Jeremy Rose, Axis Church

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Blog, Community, Mission

Church planting is important at Exodus! Not only do we want to be a church planting church, but we want to support other church-planting pastors as well. Periodically, we will be sharing with you information and prayer needs from the churches that we currently support. The first of these will be Axis Church in Nashville. Jeremy Rose is the pastor there.

Following is the latest from Jeremy and Axis Church:

“Right now we need lots of prayer towards our fundraising efforts. We are seeking to start a church planting school, another Axis Church, and of course the expenses of a growing downtown campus. This all takes money and people. Please pray for more volunteers to step forward and for provision of the necessary funds.

“Also, I’ve been very sick recently—pneumonia, sinus infection, ear infection, bronchitis, allergies, all at the same time. I still have trouble hearing. Please pray that this moves on and leaves me feeling good once again.

“Pray for my family as we redefine my personal calendar to be a win for us this this fall.”

You may also be interested to know that Exodus recently purchased a computer for Axis Church–just one more way that we are able to support the ministry there in very practical ways.

Following are some updates relative to previous prayer requests and goals:

1.   Plant another church in 2013.  This is happening!!

2.   Plant three new churches in 2014. We continue to lay the groundwork for this.

3.   We need Jesus to save and bring 150 new people to Axis Church. Five saved since we initially communicated this request.

5.   We need 100 new volunteers.  We have picked up 11 new volunteers so far.

6.   Axis music album release.  Progress is being made.

7.   We need to somehow buy our building ($700,000). 

8.   Save Salemtown…Kendris D. and Marquis Stephens.  

9.   Pray that we believe Jesus.  Jesus is helping us here.

10. Pray for an African American pastor/elder for Axis.  We believe that God has led a man, Kev, and his family to Axis and that he could be the guy.

11. Pray for $2000 needed to finish our building project (small HVAC work, drop ceiling, insulation)  It happened!! Thank you, Lord!

12. Pray that Axis takes adoption seriously—praying that each family adopts at least one child. We dedicated Axis’ very first adopted child on Mother’s Day!!!

13. Pray that our parents learn how to gospel-parent their children.  We are scheduling a new-parent seminar.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for Axis Church!

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