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by | Nov 6, 2014 | Blog, Marriage

by Brian Lowe…

On November 2, I preached about the call on husbands to a headship that loves and sacrifices so that wives can flourish. One of the things I briefly mentioned was honoring our wife with our planning. Specifically, I talked about planning for death: life insurance, will, etc.

Today I leave for Dallas. In a couple of weeks I leave for Dubai. So, while I was making breakfast this morning, my wife challenged me by saying, “So, I’m not calling you a hypocrite or anything, but how have you honored me with your planning?”

At first, I was defensive. As I thought about it, though, I understood two things. First, I hadn’t communicated well with her. It doesn’t matter if I thought I had. She felt unprotected in that moment. Second, I just needed to comfort her by answering the question.

So, here’s what I’ve done to honor her with my planning. I have gathered the following information in one place and given a friend access to it in the event of my passing.

  • Information for my family: This includes bank account numbers, passwords, specific life Insurance information, etc.
  • Provision for my family: I have enough life insurance coverage to provide for my family until my children are on their own, including money for mortgage, college, weddings.
  • Expressions for those entrusted to me: I have a video for my wife and each of my children that expresses my hope and love for them. I have a video for Exodus and the elders. These are short and I update them quarterly.
  • A friend to assist: My wife doesn’t need to feel any more weight than would be expected in the event of my passing. I enlisted a friend to help navigate these matters with her. He has the information and knows what to do.

This post discusses a helpful resource by my friend, Ben Hoersch. I would encourage you to consider these planning steps. I think it will be helpful to you.

Here are some things I need to work on:

  • Specific funeral arrangements and wishes–planned and communicated.
  • Communicating better with my wife so that she knows what I have and feels the comfort my leadership should provide.

I’m going to work on that now…

How are you honoring your wife with your planning?

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