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Prepare for Our Gathering – 1.19

by | Jan 16, 2014 | News

The new year marches onward, never resting or waiting for us to catch up. We hope you’re enjoying the Mark Devotional. If some of the newness has worn off and you find yourself behind, rather than wallowing in discouragement over what you’ve missed, simply pick it back up today. Find today’s date and start fresh from here. Stop feeling guilty for what you haven’t done and find the blessing that God has waiting for you in Mark. As we dive deeper into the Mark series, let’s spend some time worshipping God together.

Call to Worship – Creation


Confession of Sin – Fall

Rock of Ages

Proclamation of the Word


Assurance of the Gospel

Near the Cross

Your Great Name

Forever Reign

Consummation – Sending Out

How Great Thou Art



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