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Prepare for our Gathering September 15

by | Sep 12, 2013 | News

CREATION –  Call to Worship Our God who is sovereign over all creation.

How Great Thou Art

FALL – Confession of Sin


In Christ Alone


REDEMPTION – Assurance of the Gospel

Rock of Ages

The Solid Rock

Our Song from Age to Age


Get Back Temptation

Well Now
Get Back Temptation
I won’t follow you no more
Get back temptation
I’ve Got my eyes upon the Lord
Get back temptation
Lord give me the grace to say:
Get Back temptation
I will trust and I’ll obey
I will trust and I’ll Obey
Verse 1
I am Fighting with my Sin
Every Day I hope to win
And If I fall down on my face
I will trust in Jesus’ Grace
I will trust in Jesus’ Grace
Verse 2
I am old enough to know
That there is an enemy
If I wouldn’t be Killing sin
Then it would be killing me.





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