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Prepare for Gathering May 12

by | May 9, 2013 | News

Everlasting God

Parent Child Dedication

Hear, parents…The LORD is our God. By His power and grace, will you love the LORD your

God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength?

We will

With His help, and His promises, will you lead and teach by your example and your word so that

your children might know the light of Truth and walk in it with you?

We will.

Will you keep the words of God on your hearts?

We will.

Will you teach them diligently to your children and talk of them in the morning, day, and night?

We will.

Will you keep the Word of God ever before you, holding it with respect, and regarding the Word

of God as the very Word of Life?

We will.

Charge to Church

Exodus, As a holy community, we are bound by the Spirit of God through the blood of Jesus.

People of God, you are charged to support one another in the common goal of exalting the

highest Name, to whom alone all honor and glory are due.

I will ask you a series of questions. Please respond with “We Will.”

Exodus, He who promised is faithful, will you hold fast the confession of your hope without


We will.

Will you consider, ponder, and think deeply about how to stir up these parents to raise their

children in the fear and admonition of the LORD and His Word?

We will.

Exodus, Will you continue meeting together and encourage these parents to continue in

regularly meeting together, and all the more as you see the end drawing near?

We will.



Call To Worship  –  Adapted from Valley of Vision

Holy God

It is the flame of our Church to worship You,

the crown and glory of our souls to adore You,

heavenly pleasure to approach You.

Lord give us power by the Spirit to help us worship now,

that we may forget the world,

be brought into the fullness of life,

and be refreshed, comforted, blessed.

Give us knowledge of your goodness

that we might not be overly afraid of your greatness;

Give us Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God,

that we might not be terrified,

but drawn near with love,

with holy boldness;

Jesus is our Mediator, Brother, Interpreter, Lamb;

Christ we will glorify,

in him we are set on high.

Let us live wholly to our great Savior,

free from distractions, from care, from hindrances to the pursuit of the narrow


We are pardoned through the blood of Jesus

Give us a new sense of it,

continue to pardon us by it,

may we come this day to the fountain,

and every day to be washed anew,

that we may worship You always in spirit and truth.


How Firm A Foundation


Preaching of the Word


My Reward


Rock of Ages 

It is Finished

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