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Perspective, Part 2

by | Nov 14, 2012 | News

Yesterday, we looked at the perspective we gain from gathered worship.  Today, we are looking at the benefit of community group.  What kind of perspective do we gain when we gather with others in smaller groups to pursue Jesus together.

The following is from our Next Steps material about the importance of living in Community together.

Community is one of those words we all use, but few of us seem to every really experience what the Bible holds out for us. We live in a culture that is highly individualistic, lonely and more busy than ever. And yet, in each of us is a desire to know and be known…to belong.

At Exodus Church, we will seek to be a diverse community of men and women who are trying to better understand what it means to be a people delivered by the gospel to worship God and serve Him in the world. We will establish a community of people who are being shaped by the gospel into those who value Jesus supremely and seek to serve Him.

We will seek to develop community in ways that are informal like creating space at our worship gatherings for people to connect with one another, encouraging people to enjoy life together and creating a welcoming environment.

We will also seek to develop community in more structured environments called community groups.

A place of Care – Community Groups are the place where the gospel is worked into our lives. This means that people are known and shepherded. Community Groups are our primary place of care. The leaders will be equipped and ready to care for the needs in groups.

A Place of Growth – Community Groups are the place where the gospel grows us into maturity. Discipleship and growth will happen during our Community Groups as we seek to apply the teaching from our worship gather to our lives. We want to be people who not only hear God’s Word, but obey God’s Word.

A Place of Mission – Community Groups must be a place where we are called to worship God and serve him in the world. If there is not a missional component to our community groups, they will not be all that God has for us.

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