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Partner Update: The Axis Church

by | May 25, 2015 | Blog, Community, Mission

One of our partner churches is The Axis Church in Nashville, TN.

Jeremy Rose is the Lead Pastor.

Here is an update from Jeremy for May, 2015:

News and Blessings:
  • We celebrated our 5th anniversary as a church this past October.
  • We have a new identity statement, “A redeemed community of missionaries living for the fame of the real Jesus.”
  • Jesus has given us great favor with the Women’s Rescue Mission in Nashville. We have many community events with them, including leading their chapel services. Some women have come to faith, and one is getting closer to membership at the Axis.
  • We have grown to eight community groups, which we call Axis Communities, and there are more planned for the fall. By God’s grace our people are growing in maturity, and this past year we have had a higher involvement than ever in our ACs.
Prayer Needs:
  • We need prayer in this new season as we look for greater administrative accountability. Pastor Jacob has taken on the Executive Pastor role, and needs your prayers as he seeks to lead well.
  • Please pray for more people to meet Jesus in Nashville. Jesus loves these people so much more than we do. Lord, help us to see each person, saved or not, the same way You do. Help us to minister to them.
  • By God’s grace we now own our building! Please pray that we would steward this warehouse well, to the glory of the Lord. Pray that we can communicate biblical stewardship to the people of the Axis. Pray that we can renovate the building to give more space to the kids!

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