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Partner Update: Redeemer Dubai

by | Jun 7, 2015 | Blog, Mission

Here’s the latest from our partners in ministry at Redeemer Dubai…

1.  The Gulf School of Theology is about to undertake its second class, this one being taught by Dr DA Carson on Jesus and the Gospels. There are currently 82 students registered, some of them flying in from nearby India and Nigeria. Please pray for the logistics of this class, as we are a little overwhelmed by such a large number of eager students! Our aim in the GST classes is to equip regional leaders.

Gloria got to teach the ladies at our church plant on the Eastern coast.

2. After teaching a week of classes, Carson will lead a conference for our church and others on the parables of Jesus. There are currently 450 people registered (and we’re expecting a couple hundred more!) for this event which will be held in the ballroom where our church gathers for corporate worship. Would you please pray that this teaching would strengthen our faith, embolden our witness in this place, and equip us to share our faith with others as we learn more about the way Jesus taught people His truth.

3. Gloria’s new book, The Pastor’s Wife, launched last month, and we are excited to see it being shared.  A week after it released we learned that TGCIO has acquired a donor who has enabled them to purchase 4,000 copies of the book for the purpose of sending it abroad to ministry wives in countries all over the world as part of the equipping packages they send. We are thrilled by this news, as Gloria wrote this book with an eye for encouraging ministry wives in diverse contexts (not only pastor’s wives in North America). Crossway has made the first chapter available for free in a sampler if you would like to download it. Feel free to share with your friends and the ministry wives in your life. Here is the link to purchase the book on Amazon.

There are many other things we’d appreciate your prayers for. In general, we would appreciate prayer for our family as we prepare for an upcoming fundraising trip to the States plus a vacation.  The girls have two more weeks of school, then the month of Ramadan will begin. This is a significant time in our region about which we will share more details and requests in a future email.

We are grateful for your partnership in the gospel!
Dave and Gloria Furman 
(Aliza, Norah, Judson, and Troy)
PS: For those who have asked us for reliable news sources regarding this region, check out BBC Middle East, Al Jazeera, and our local news, Gulf News.
PPS: If you are interested in financially supporting the work we do here, please see our company’s website for more info.

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