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Partner Update: Exodus Northlake

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Community, Mission, News

While Exodus Northlake is “one of us,” you may not be as up-to-date on their progress as you’d like to be. Here is the latest from David Keen, lead pastor at Exodus Northlake:

“By God’s grace alone, we have moved into our new gathering space and commissioned our first two elders (Joe Helton and Joel Boyce). The new space and elders have been a huge step for us as a young congregation as we continue to experience God’s faithfulness to build His church.

God continues to be at work among us to use us for the advancement of His Kingdom here in the north Charlotte area. We are grateful for all the He has done so far and look forward with great anticipation for all he has in store for us as a congregation. None of this would be possible without your faithfulness and support. Sincerely, we are abundantly grateful for each of you, your prayers, and your continued financial support. God is using you to advance His Kingdom here and beyond. Thank you.

Here are a few very specific things you can be praying for us…

Salvation: There are quite a few people that have been around for some time that we are begging God to save. Please pray this with us. And pray that God would use the people in our congregation where we live, work, and play to boldly proclaim the gospel and allow us be a part of the harvest. Please always pray for people to be saved in our midst.

More diversity: Racial reconciliation…I know it’s trendy and it’s not the gospel, but it is a gospel issue. And more than that, the area we are in is diverse and we desire to reflect that as a congregation. Please pray that God would continue to grow us in diversity. Not just for the sake of it, but as a people who seek to live in unity and community on mission together.
More leaders: More leaders are always needed in every area of our congregation. Please pray that God would continually use us to raise up more leaders. And please pray that as people join us on mission here that we would get the right people in the right places.
Potential staff: We are considering hiring part-time administrative help and part time worship leadership help in the fall. Please pray we would be wise about how we go about this and that God would provide the right people for the job(s).
Financial Independence:  One of our prayers and goals has been that we would be able to be financially independent by the end of 2015. Please continue to pray that God would be faithful to provide more than we even think we need for the advancement of His Kingdom here in our midst. And, if you want to continue to support us in 2016, we will continue to seek to be wise stewards of all that God entrusts to us.
Again, thank you all for your faithful support.








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