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Money: A House Rules Mini-Series

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Blog, News, Worship

Since January, we have been in a series called House Rules: A Study of 1 Timothy.  In this letter, Paul writes to a young pastor in a difficult church.  Unfaithful Men are leading the church in a wrong direction.  Unspritual Women are trying to take over.  Prayer has been neglected.  Biblical leadership is needed.  Biblical Examples are scarce.  Paul writes the letter so that Timothy knows how we are to behave in God’s family.

In 1 Timothy 6, Paul turns to a subject that all of us need to talk about, but none of us want to:  Money.  Paul’s desire for Timothy is that he would teach God’s family the proper way to work for, handle and view money.  So, Paul calls Timothy to walk a gospel line in the area of finances.  Money is not inherently bad or good.  Being Rich is not praised or pummeled.  Paul’s goal is not for Timothy to teach money morals, but gospel stewardship.  So, our goal with this House Rules mini-series is for the gospel to shape how we faithfully work for, handle and view the money God has graciously provided.

  • April 21 – Money:  Work Hard
  • April 28 – Money:  Be Content
  • May 5 – Money:  Pursue Real Things
  • May 12 – Money:  Be Generous

Financial Counseling Ministry of Exodus Church

A Team of our members are involved in helping our people faithfully handle what God has so generously provided.  If you would like to get help from these members of our church, please let us know.

Money Seminar

As part of this series, we will be offering a Money Seminar on May 3-4.  This seminar will deal with these matters more practically as well as providing some individual counseling on budgeting and other issues related to finances.  For more information click here.

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