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Men as Deacons

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Deacons, News, Theology

Exodus is in the process of appointing Deacons who will serve Jesus by assisting the elders to accomplish the mission of the Church.  We are really excited about this and looking forward to the men and women God has for us in these roles.

As I engage with men who are considering serving in this way, I hear two primary concerns our men have:  Time and Responsibility.  Time is limited.  Responsibility seems infinite.


Time is a most valuable resource.  I realize that I can’t buy groceries with time.  However, time is a precious resource because I can’t get more, save it up or pay it off later.  Time is, therefore, a valuable investment.  So, I want to make sure that I am investing it well.

Like any resource, we spend our time on what we value.  Being a deacon in a local church will always take time. However, the question is not will it take time, but is this a good investment of your resources. Serving Jesus always gives a return on your investment.  Always.


The concern of responsibility from those considering deacon service does not stem from a fear of responsibility but rather a reluctance to take on more. Understandably so–Responsibility is weighty

In light of this, Consider:

  • What responsibilities God has called you to hold?  He has called you to be a follower of Jesus.  He has called some to be a family man with a wife and children.  He has called you to faithful work in the world.  All of these carry responsibility.
  • How wide are your shoulders?  You have to determine if there is room on your shoulders for more.  If you sense God is calling you to serve as a deacon, He will provide you with strength.  Nevertheless, there is wisdom in determining if you have space on your shoulders for the load.

Responsibility is a necessary part of being a deacon. But, with that responsibility comes the great joy of serving Jesus and seeing lives transformed for the glory of God. It’s worth it. Always.

We need men who will serve Jesus by assisting the elders to accomplish the mission of Exodus Church.  This will take time and will involve responsibility.  I’m praying that God will raise up men who will fulfill this role for the glory of Jesus.

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