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Mark Devotional Guide Writers

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Blog, Community

A few months ago, the leadership at Exodus had a great idea. Let’s have some of our own people write a devotional guide for our Mark series! The search began for people strong in faith, knowledgeable about the Bible, and who had a gift to share their Holy Spirit-given knowledge and insight through the written word. A list of potential writers was crafted, editors and designers and publication professionals were found, an artist was set to work, and a very large labor of love began. We’d like to introduce you to the people involved in The Servant King, the Mark Devotional Guide. (You can download a copy here.)


Lenora Crabtree

Lenora and her husband Scott have three sons, Taylor, Seth, and Sam. Lenora is a substitute in Exodus Kids and helps Scott host the “Where Can I Serve?” group at Leadership Summit.

Alex Kneen

Alex and her husband David are the parents of two boys, Rowan and Bastian. Alex serves on the worship team and in Exodus Kids.

Joy La Prade

Joy is married to Konrad La Prade and they have two children, Kathryn and Jonah. Joy serves as a teacher in the K-2 Exodus Kids class.

Kristi Lee

Kristi and Adam Lee are the proud parent of three daughters, Aubrey, Makenna, and Brooke. Kristi serves with her husband to oversee the hospitality team and to lead and host a Community Group. She also occasionally play keys for the worship team.

Debbie Miller

Debbie is married to George Miller and they have three children, Chris, Geoff, and Cameron. Debbie volunteers as a substitute in Exodus Kids and leads a ladies’ Bible study. She and George also lead and host a Community Group.

George Miller

George and his wife Debbie Miller have three children, Chris, Geoff, and Cameron. George and his wife lead and host a Community Group in their home.

Kate Stranathan

Kate is a member of Exodus Students and the daughter of Will and Valerie Stranathan. Kate is currently serving as the teacher of the 3-year-old class at 11am in Exodus Kids.

Valerie Stranathan

Valerie is married to Will Stranathan and they have two children, Kate and Lydia. Valerie serves in Exodus Kids and as Nathan Chapman’s administrative assistant.

Will Stranathan

Will and his wife Valerie have two daughters, Kate and Lydia. Will serves as one of the drummers in the worship band and an occasional member of the security team.

Jon Wiersbe

Jon and his wife Jessica are the proud parents of Carson, Evie, and Nola. Jon and his wife serve as the hosts for the Stowe Pointe Community Group.



Luke Adams Luke and Rebecca Adams are the parents of Micah and Levi, and they will be leaving for Eastern Europe in January to complete the adoption of a new daughter (or two!). Luke is active on the creative team and the audio/visual team.


Brian Nettles Brian and his wife Katie have two children, Matthew and Daniel. Brian leads the creative team and  helps with creative and technical needs for signage and sermon series.

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