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It’s time to begin Everyday Church, the 1 Peter Devotional Guide

by | Aug 11, 2014 | News

Everyday Church Devotional Guide Electronic Version

Just as we are preparing our children for their return to the classroom, Exodus Church is preparing to begin our fall sermon series. Everyday Church is a study of 1 Peter and we’ve created a fantastic devotional guide to help you and your family delve deeply into this letter from the apostle Peter to both the early churches and to our present-day churches.

The Everyday Church devotional guide is designed so that each section is to be done the week before the sermon. On page 5 of the guide, you will find the daily scripture readings and the first family devotional for the first sermon in the series. The sermon will be given next Sunday, 8/17. The daily readings, the family devotionals, and the articles that are included for many of the sections are all designed to prepare you and your family, so that you have a solid groundwork for the preaching pastor to build on with his sermon.

The electronic version of the Everyday Church devotional guide is linked above. Simply click the link and save it to your own drive so that it’s available to you whenever and wherever you are. The paperback copies of the guide are available in the worship space. If you do not have one, please pick one up for yourself and every member of your family at your convenience.

The daily readings are designed to be read over 5 days and the family devotionals are to spread over the week. To follow this schedule, you will need to start this first section by Tuesday, 8/12. Consider this your friendly reminder that it’s time to dive in and begin enjoying the work of your fellow members of Exodus Church!

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