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God is My Portion

by | Nov 21, 2012 | News

On Sunday, in our study of Psalm 73, we looked at the reality that God is better.  Asaph writes

But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

When we think about portions, we think about limits.  We look at a pumpkin pie and think more people means less for me.  However, in the Old Testament, the portion of an individual is a figurative expression, employed in Scripture to denote the condition or lot with which every man is contented or satisfied. Accordingly, the reason why God is represented as a portion is, because he alone is abundantly sufficient for us, and because in him the perfection of our happiness consists.

So, what Asaph is saying here is that God is our All satisfying portion.  He’s all we could want and more.

Part of being redeemed is that we come to see God as our All Satisfying portion.  We also find in our experience what Martin Lloyd Jones observes in his book Faith on Trial,

That is often the first step [toward] a realization that everything has actually become different…Things of the world do not seem to possess the charm and value they once seemed to have.  We discover that when we are not in the right relationship to God the very foundations seem to have gone.  We may travel to the ends of the earth in an attempt to find satisfaction without God. But we find that there is none.

So, my hope for us is that we would follow Asaph is making the Lord God our refuge today.  That He and He alone would be our Treasure.

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