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God Created You

by | Sep 17, 2012 | News

God Created You

Yesterday, I spent some significant time dealing with the idea that we are uniquely created by God.  I think this is important both for our embracing of biblical faith and our defending the biblical faith we embrace.  Learning how to do this without diminishing science and reason will become more and more important.  Also, learning how to show the insufficiency of science and reason to answer the “why” questions has never been more important.

Francis Schaeffer is quoted as saying, “If I had an hour to speak with someone about the gospel, I would spend 50 minutes talking about creation and 10 minutes talking about the gospel.”  I’m not sure about the ratio, but I get what He’s trying to say – knowing that we are made by God is incredibly important.

I mentioned a TED Talk that beautifully displayed God’s creativity in the development of a baby and thought you might want to see it.

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