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Fruit for Your Glory!

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Blog, Mission, Redemption, Worship

A guest post by Lenora Crabtree…

The title of the blog post caught my attention—“Three Common Traits of Youth who Don’t Leave the Church.” I read as a parent, teacher and former youth leader, eager to answer the questions that confront me even though my children are in their twenties. “Did I do it right? Will my sons, and students in whom I invested significant time, be committed Christian adults?” As I read, I sensed the Lord saying, “This is My work, not yours.”

Later that morning our Servant King devotional guide took me to Mark 4.

“The Kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil; …and the seed sprouts and grows—how, he himself does not know.”

As I pondered these words, I could not help but read them as a biologist. I am grateful that God’s design is evident throughout His creation! Understanding living things often deepens my appreciation of His work in my life. In Mark’s day, farmers did not know some of the things we know about how plants grow. Even today many people wrongly assume that plants are primarily produced from soil and water, which we can see and, to an extent, control. The actual truth about how plants grow has striking spiritual implications. Through research, scientists have learned that the bulk of a plant does not come from soil, or even from water. The matter that eventually makes up the plant primarily comes from the air! Invisible carbon dioxide molecules enter the plant and are used to make solid organic material. The unseen vapor becomes the roots that anchor, the stem that supports, the leaves that shade and the fruit that protects and nourishes seeds for future plants.

Once again, I sensed the Lord speaking, “You are called to till the soil and provide water, but growing disciples is truly Spirit work. Rest in me, my child.” Thank you Lord, for reminding me that there is no perfect formula. I can’t control the outcome. You love my children and students more than I do. Holy Spirit, come and work in my heart and in the hearts of my sons and students. Woo them to yourself! Invade their hearts and produce fruit for your glory!



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