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ExodusStudents: Meet the Team

by | Oct 19, 2014 | Blog, Community, Mission, News

by Damon Murray….

Over the past two years, the student ministry at Exodus has continued to grow. From an initial group of about seven students to a blossoming group of over 25, God has blessed the group with new faces each school year. With growth has come the need for more adults to help lead discussions on Monday nights and to disciple the students. Holly and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the new faces that have become involved with the student ministry.

Christy Waldvogel

What brought you to Exodus? Exodus is a church of action. On the first Sunday I visited, Exodus was sending off the Northlake congregation to plant a church with the emphasis on reaching the lost in a new location. This showed growth and the desire to preach the gospel. The Sunday that confirmed Exodus would be my home was later on in the month when the church set up teams to pray and share the gospel with the lost at an event in Stowe Park. Exodus is about taking action for Christ, not just talking about it.

Why are you involved with the student ministry? Titus gives us very clear instructions on how we are to spur younger men and women on in the faith. Middle and high school aged students are at a point where they are developing their own opinions and views on life. Being able to be a part of that with Jesus as the central focus is such a blessing.

What do you want to see God accomplish through ExodusStudents? Everything He desires us to be. I want to continue to see students serving and reaching out to the lost in our community. I want to see students grow and flourish for HIS kingdom, and to see them be stretched spiritually and challenged to step outside of their comfort zone. I want to see lives changed and hearts molded, all for God’s glory.

Brandon and Tanda Ragbir

What brought you to Exodus? We had visited Exodus on a few occasions while visiting family and friends. Once our family relocated back to the area, we desperately wanted to be a part of a church that was gospel centered and connected with one another. Exodus was warm, inviting, and an authentic place to worship and serve. We were able to be a part of something that we had been missing—a place that loved Christ (1st), poured into community/our family (2nd), and an opportunity to serve (3rd).

Why are you involved with the student ministry? We are involved with the student ministry because we care about their souls. Hopefully, during this time they will be able to develop their gifts and abilities to go out and reach others centered on their knowledge of the Gospel. We want to be their advocate (partnering with the parents), promoting daily time with Jesus and giving the foundations of what a real relationship with Christ looks like, so they can have real relationships with one another.

What do you want to see God accomplish through ExodusStudents? We believe that the potential of each student is endless through Christ. We want God to do BIG things. We hope each student’s identity will be deeply rooted in Jesus so they can be disciples, leaders, and servants. Our prayer is that God will be manifested in their hearts to reach the lost world, and they grow in gospel-centered relationships with one another.

Please join Holly and I in welcoming Christy, Brandon and Tanda to the ExodusStudents family. We are blessed to have them here to serve.


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