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Exodus Women: An Intro

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Blog, Deacons, Leadership, Mission, Theology

I can not fully explain how excited I am to introduce you to a new expression of ministry at Exodus Church.

Exodus Women exists to discover, develop, and deploy the gifts of women for the mission of Jesus through Exodus Church.

At Advance 2017, I had the privilege of learning a great deal from Jen Wilkin. She observed that churches like ours have unintentionally created cultures and structures that have not developed and deployed the gifts of women as faithfully as we ought. We were inadvertently communicating that women and their gifts were not as important as men or as necessary.

Now, before I tell you where we are going, I want to share our parameters. At Exodus, we are complementarians who believe the Bible teaches that the office of elder and the preaching of God’s Word in the gathering of God’s people is restricted to biblically qualified men.

However, within that frame, we see women as essential to the mission of Jesus in the Church and the World. The gifts of women are crucial and necessary for the Church to be all that God has called us to be.. Therefore, we want to be faithful to discover, develop and deploy the gifts of the women who call Exodus home for the glory of Jesus.

After sorting through that with the elders, we started on a journey to clarify what a ministry like this could look like at Exodus. I began meeting with a group of women to discuss further. Exodus Women is the fruit of those meetings.


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