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Exodus Stretch: What if I can’t give much?

by | Feb 21, 2015 | Blog, Money

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Through the Stretch Campaign, Exodus is seeking to raise money for our facility needs. We know that this will be a financial stretch and a faith stretch as we trust God to stretch out His hand to provide for our needs. However, I know that some of our Exodus family are wondering, “What if I can’t give very much?”

I want to say a few things if that’s you.

  1. We love that you are a part of Exodus Church and are incredibly grateful for you. You are a valuable part of our Exodus family regardless of how much you are able to give. Money doesn’t buy votes or influence at Exodus. God is not impressed (nor are the leaders of this church) by the amount of money a person gives. Please don’t let the evil one bring shame or guilt on you because of what you are able to give to the Stretch Campaign. Jesus shut him up on the Cross once and for all (Colossians 2:13).
  2. We want to challenge everyone to give sacrificially regardless of what that number is. Our challenge during Stretch is not for everyone to give equally, but for everyone to sacrifice. For some of our people, sacrifice will be a significant number. For others, it will be less. We want to call you to sacrifice for the sake of the mission of Jesus at Exodus Church. So, regardless of how many zeroes are in the number, give sacrificially.
  3. We can trust God to take care of our needs. God will provide for us. We can trust Him. Sacrificial giving creates for us space where we can visibly see God provide. So, as you think about giving to the Stretch Campaign, let your giving create this kind of space and see what God does to take care of you.
  4. We want to help. There may be needs about your financial stewardship that could be addressed. We have a team of men and women who would count it a privilege to help you with a budget and spending plan to faithfully steward what God has graciously provided. Email info@theexoduschurch.org for more information.
  5. We all have a part to play. Regardless of the size of your gift, you have an important part to play in the Stretch Campaign.

Don’t believe the lie that your gift will not make a difference. Play your part well to the glory of Jesus.

I’m grateful for how God is going to stretch us through this campaign. He has amazing things to teach us. I’m excited to hear about them.

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