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Exodus Stretch: Stretched as a Family

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Blog, Mission

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Through the Stretch Campaign, Exodus is seeking to raise money for our facility needs. We know that this will be a financial stretch and a faith stretch as we trust God to stretch out his hand to provide for our needs. But, this will also be a stretch for our church family.

Here are some ways we anticipate the Stretch Campaign growing our Exodus family.

  • The Stretch Campaign will prepare the way for us to welcome more people. Our prayer is that these dollars will provide a facility that will allow us space to show and share the kindness of Jesus to others. In other words, we hope that our family grows because of this campaign.
  • The Stretch Campaign will mean we talk about money more for a time. We don’t talk about money much at Exodus. Our members are faithful to give generously, as do many of our regular attenders. We teach through books of the Bible and don’t shy away from saying what the Bible says about money as it comes up in the text. But, the Stretch Campaign is causing us to talk about money more for a time. We know that this will be a stretch for some.
  • The Stretch Campaign will cause us to trust God more. The Bible describes God as faithful and trustworthy. This campaign will give us a front row seat to see that as a Church. We’ll get to see Him provide in our lives and in the lives of others.
  • The Stretch Campaign will drive us to prayer. Our hope for this campaign is nothing other than the grace, mercy and power of our God. He appoints wealth and strength. He provides what we need. He is our hope. So, we will ask, seek and knock…trusting His kindness and provision.

My greatest prayer for the Stretch Campaign is not that we would hit our financial goal (that’s a close second), but that at the end of this everyone involved would say that Exodus Church honored Jesus in the way in which we conducted this campaign. Please pray this with me.

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