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Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Giving

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Blog, Money

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Through the Stretch Campaign, Exodus is seeking to raise $500,000 for our facility needs. We know that this will be a financial stretch and a faith stretch as we trust God to stretch out His hand to provide for our needs.

In a recent conversation with a friend, we discussed the kind of sacrifice that would be required of those who call Exodus home if we are going to raise that amount of money. He was doing the math—amount of $$ divided by number of givers—and it looked like a serious hill to climb. He’s right.

One of the things that came up in the conversation was a principle that would be helpful as you think about giving to the Stretch Campaign. The reality is that we all can’t give the same amount because we aren’t all in the same place financially. So, what we are praying for in the Stretch Campaign is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

Not Equal Giving, but Equal Sacrifice

For some of us, the idea of giving at all beyond what we give in our offering will be a sacrifice. God sees and knows. For others, we will need to sort out what is a sacrifice and how can we faithfully (and wisely) make it.

As we concluded our conversation, we were both reminded of the theme of Stretch. If we are going to both honor Jesus and raise $500,000, we are going to have to see God stretch out His hand to do something amazing and we are going to have to be people of obedience and prayer. Our obedience may not be equal giving, but it should be equal sacrifice.

May it be, Lord…

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