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Elder Candidate: Andy Wilson

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Blog, Deacons, Leadership

One of the weightiest tasks we have as elders at Exodus Church – Belmont is the recommendation of new elder candidates.

For this reason, we have a lengthy process to help men examine their lives and their doctrine closely. We want to make sure that the men we recommend for your consideration show maturity in their lives and a humility in their character that reflects Jesus and the elder qualifications found in God’s Word.
(You can click here for more information about Elders at Exodus Church.)

After considerable discussion and fervent prayer, the Elders of Exodus Church – Belmont are grateful to commend Andy Wilson for your consideration. Andy is married to a wonderful lady named Michelle who has an incredible singing voice and an uncanny ability to pull him out of his shell. Together they have two daughters, Roselee and Ada Ruth. When he’s not hacking away at broken code to pay the bills he likes to play guitar and listen to all kinds of music, but particularly the kind with loud guitars and fast tempos. Coffee is his love language.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is calling and appointing Andy Wilson to serve as an elder alongside us (Acts 20:28). We are putting him forward for your consideration. 

So, what’s next?

Our bylaws state that an elder candidate must be presented to the congregation and the community. The congregation must be given a period of time for concerns, comments or charges to be submitted in writing concerning the elder candidate. After this period, the members of our congregation will have the opportunity to affirm the elder candidate by an online vote.

Here is the timeline for this…

  • December 4 – Andy Wilson presented. 
  • December 4-January 1 – Any comments, concerns or charges can be submitted in writing to the elders by emailing brian@theexoduschurch.org. Concerns and charges will be assessed by the elders and discussed with the elder candidate as needed. 
  • January 3-6 – Exodus Belmont members will vote. Pending this vote, Andy will be appointed later in January.

We ask that you pray for Andy and his family during this time. Also, pray for our church that Jesus would continue to call and equip men to serve as elders here. 


Elders of Exodus Church – Belmont

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