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Deacon: I want to be one.

by | Feb 27, 2013 | News


We expect those who would serve as deacons at Exodus Church to:

  • Meet the qualifications listed in a previous post. Deacons must meet the biblical qualifications in order to serve at Exodus Church.
  • Be faithful members of Exodus. Deacons are fulfilling the member covenant with joy. They are giving, participating, serving and seeking to live as a missionary where they live.
  • Be available to serve at this time. Deacons have space in their lives for something more. It may be that someone is qualified and faithful, but not available. This would include various meetings and other responsibilities.


The following reflects a minimum path toward deacon appointment.

  • Recognized as servant leaders—Anyone who pursues deacon ministry must be recognized as a servant leader before a title is given. Deacons must have shown themselves to be faithful, available and teachable.
  • Assessed by the elders—Biblical qualifications exist so that deacons may be tested against those qualifications. The character, competency and calling of anyone who desires to be a deacon will be tested and assessed in a fashion that the elders of each local Exodus Church congregation deem appropriate. Part of this process involves a public request for information about the deacon, both from the congregation and community.
  • Approved by the congregation—After proper assessment and testing, the elders will place a slate of deacons forward for the approval of the church in an up or down vote.
  • Serve a one-year term—Deacons would be asked to serve at least a one-year term. After this, they would be able to serve again as needed and if they were willing. As needed by the church, there will be a specific classification for any person who continues paid employment after finishing a term as paid deacon, separate from the role of deacon.


As deacons are to assist the elders to serve the church, each elder will oversee a team of deacons who then work to accomplish the various tasks to serve the Body. The number and roles of deacons will change with the needs of our people and based on the elder team’s evolving vision.

Areas of Service

The role of deacon should be seen as an assignment based on the current needs of the elders and the church. The following categories will guide the elders in the appointment and recruiting of deacons, but is in no way exhaustive:

  • Roles surrounding the Sunday morning gathering
  • Administrative tasks
  • Other ongoing ministries
  • Other areas as necessary

What’s next?

Starting in spring 2013, the elders will begin contacting those who we have already seen as servant leaders. Our goal will be to assess, train and equip the first slate of deacons to be presented and installed by fall 2013.

Our hope for any who would serve as a deacon at Exodus Church is a scriptural one—that they would “gain a good standing for themselves and also a great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 3:13). We desire for those who serve Jesus as a deacon at Exodus would have joy in their labor and be encouraged by their time of service. Let’s begin praying for our deacons now.


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