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Acts Devo Guide Volume 1

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Blog, Community, Mission, Prepare for Gathering, Theology, Worship

This morning, Exodus Church began a new sermon series covering the book of Acts and we’re excited about the devotional guide we’ve created to go along with our study.

The Acts Devotional Guide is split into two volumes. Volume 1 covers the first half of the series from 9/13 through 12/20. Volume 1 is available now in print or electronic copy. The printed books are located in the main hallway at the worship space and you are welcome to pick one up if you haven’t already. You can find the book in electronic format in one of three places, depending on your reading preference.

PDF download – You can download a free copy of the PDF of the Acts Devotional, Volume 1 by clicking the link below.

Acts Devotional Guide, Volume I (PDF)

iTunes – You can download a free copy of the guide for iBooks using iTunes or iBooks and searching the store for “Acts Devotional Guide”.

Amazon – You can download a copy of the guide for Kindle using the link below. Please note that we do not have control over the price of the guide on Amazon. Currently, they have it listed for $2.99.

Kindle download here

The Acts Devotional Guide is designed so that each section is to be done the week before the sermon. For example, you will do the devotional for Acts 1:1-26 this week before the sermon this Sunday covering Acts 1:1-26. For each weekly section, there are five days worth of scripture readings with an accompanying prayer. Each week also includes 2 short family devotionals with a scripture reading, summary of the reading, questions, and application. The daily readings, the family devotionals, and the articles that are included for many of the sections are all designed to prepare you and your family, so that you have a solid groundwork for the preaching pastor to build on with his sermon.

If you haven’t already started your work for the week, today’s a great day to do it!

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