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Summer School

by | May 6, 2014 | News

This summer Exodus Church will be hosting three interns. The interns will spend their time doing various types of “church work”, but they will be heavily focused on learning how to be an effective leader and servant to the people of the church and the community.  To facilitate this learning, we will be holding classes covering various topics that will help the interns as they pursue their ministry goals. The interns are required to attend, but we are inviting all of our church members to participate as well. You may drop in on any class, no advance commitment required. We’re very excited about our line-up of speakers and topics and we hope you can join us for Summer School.


6/2 (Monday, 6:30pm) – What’s Best Next, part 1 – Konrad LaPrade

Konrad is an expert in self management with a gospel-centered view of productivity. He will be launching a two-week discussion largely based on the book “What’s Best Next” by Matt Perman.

6/4 (Wednesday, 12pm*) – Spiritual Disciplines – Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller hosts and leads a weekly Bible study attended by ladies at Exodus Church.

6/9 (Monday, 6:30pm) – What’s Best Next, part 2 – Konrad LaPrade

6/11 (Wednesday, 12pm*) – Working in the Church – David Keen

David is the lead pastor and planter of Exodus Church Northlake. He has been working in ministry for over 10 years and will be discussing the challenges and joys of working in the church.

6/16 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Giving Counsel/Listening – David Kneen, Rici Reid

David Kneen and Rici Reid are both experienced counselors, who will be presenting some guiding principles for  counsel and listening skills.

6/23 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Working with People – Stephen Mitchell, Valerie Stranathan

Stephen Mitchell is a coach and business owner and Valerie Stranathan is a homeschool mom with many years of experience in church work and leadership. They will be presenting on basic wisdom for working well with others.

6/25 (Wednesday, 12pm*) – Evangelism – Bubba Hines

Bubba will offer some insights on how to engage others with the Gospel.

6/30 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Learning for Life/Wisdom for Life – Will Stranathan, Bubba Hines

Will Stranathan is committed to being a life-long learner. He will be presenting on the values of pursuing truth and knowledge as we seek to serve the kingdom.

Bubba is a walking proverb who gladly offers wisdom to all who will listen. He will be giving some of his valuable life lessons during this session.

7/7 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Entrepreneurship – Kyle & Michelle McNamara

Kyle and Michelle are experts at being “self starters.” They will be speaking on the subject of entrepreneurship and thinking through how you will accomplish the various tasks to which God calls you.

7/9 (Wednesday, 12pm*) – Expeditionary Leadership – Alex Poole

Alex is an engineer and resident expert on working with teams in navigating new goals for an organization.  This presentation will focus on thinking ahead, being prepared, and the ability to adapt along the way.

7/14 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Networking/Leading/Finances – Aaron Wilson, Ben Hoersch

Aaron Wilson recently went through the process of writing and publishing a book. Through the process he has learned many things about the importance of leading through networking. He will be sharing part of his story and some wisdom he has gained through the process.

Ben leads our financial ministry at Exodus. He is passionate about teaching and leading people to discover what God’s word has to say about the stewardship of God’s resources.

7/21 (Monday, 6:30pm) – Emotional Intelligence/Connecting with People – Matt & Annie Blackledge

Matt and Annie Blackledge are a gifted couple at connecting with people. They will be presenting on emotional intelligence and the importance of developing these skills in life and especially in ministry.

*The Wednesday times are lunchtime meetings and you are welcome to bring your lunch with you.


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