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New Song: “Mercy Flows Free”

by | Oct 7, 2014 | News

We are always excited about introducing a new song to sing in our congregation…especially when it is written by one of our own.  Alex Kneen, who is a worship leader and song writer at the Belmont Congregation, wrote this song to be sung during communion. Learn it and sing along with us on Sunday.  Try to listen beyond the recording quality (we hope to make a better recording soon).



There is a table, a banquet prepared
Filling the hungry with the richest of fare
Sweet to the taste, a delight to the eyes
Laid for the poor in abundant supply

Call in the outcast, the blind, and the lame
Run from the shadows of sin, death, and shame
Come to the table, fill up your soul
Drink of this cup and thirst no more

A body was broken for covenant bread
A fountain of blood for enemies shed
He was crushed by the will of His Father for you and for me
Now justice is served and mercy flows free

Come without money, lay down your pride
Wash in the blood that is sweeter than wine
Sit at the feast prepared for His bride
Perfumed with the fragrant promise of life

Mercy flows free, ever endlessly
Mercy flows free, from that rugged tree
Jesus said, “Come to the table, come take and eat
And as you do, remember me.”

Take all He offers and join in the song
Sung through creation eternity long
Raise up a glass in your Savior’s name
Praise to the Lamb for sinners slain!

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