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International Missions Offering

by | Dec 1, 2012 | News

During the holiday season, a large share of our thought and resources are used in the giving and receiving of gifts.   It is also a season when we consider how we might give to certain causes.  There is no better cause than the spread of the gospel through faithful workers who are abroad.

Each December our church participates in a missions offering.  In addition to our regular tithes and offerings we will be taking an offering for a specific group of foreign missionaries.   This year we will be giving this offering to the Echelon Group that we have partnered with in Africa.    If you would like to know more about Echelon Africa please check out their website.   They are in need of a well for water.   It will cost between $3-5K to have one dug.  We would love to raise as much as possible to help with this important part of their living there.

We will also be taking a group from our congregation to help with this work next summer.

Ways To Give

We thank you in advance for being a generous people, and for partnering in the effort to make disciples of Jesus in a difficult region of God’s world.


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