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Their Old Familiar Carols Play

by | Nov 29, 2012 | News

Imparting the Christmas Hymns

The number of songs that we hear during this season that have to do with Santa, Reindeer and the weather, unfortunately,  can easily out number the songs that deal with the beauty of the Incarnation.   Singing about something that is so mysterious and powerful, seems one of the most fitting responses.  However, the innumerable list of carols concerning Christ’s coming to us as a child, are becoming less and less familiar to the next generation.   So here are a few reasons for us to keep them at the top of our playlist this Christmas season.


One of the realities that continually we hope will captivate our congregation, is that we are only one of many generations who God has chosen to worship himself.   Thinking about our connection to the many saints who have gone before us can be a really encouraging thought for us.   All of us who are chosen of God have been given the same wonderful gift of redemption and each new generation has continued to add their creative expression of gratitude to what has been accomplished in Christ’s life, death and resurrection.  As a congregation we seek to connect our gathered worship to the generations who have gone before us.


We want our people to learn who God is and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.     Hymns have a great capacity to explain concepts more thoroughly by the unreserved number of words.   The truths of God’s word also are written on our hearts through singing.


Hymns can be a tremendous gift to the believer.  Sometimes we are unsure what to pray or express in response to God and His word.  Keeping a hymnal close by as we read the Bible, will benefit your personal worship and prayer.

 If it is a chorus, or hymn new or old – Music is a terrific tool to impart the message of the gospel to those around us.   Let’s be diligent about teaching the truths of the Gospel to our kids all year long.   During this season of advent,  help those whom you lead to connect with the reality that God has become flesh and dwelt among us.  And might I recommend a hymn?

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