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Exodus Men, Part 3

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Blog, Community, Mission, Theology, Worship

By Brian Lowe

In a previous post, we looked at the king from Jonah 3 and his example of repentant leadership for those he was entrusted to lead. I asked, “What would it look like for men to assume this kind of posture in the way they lead in their various spheres of influence?”  So, now, I want us to think about what it will take for this to happen.

I dream about a church filled with men who are living as strong, gentle men. Men who walk with a repentant heart toward God and a humble heart toward others.  Men who lead people who are flourishing in their care.

And if we are going to see that happen at Exodus, we will need the following three things.

  • We need a vision—What does an Exodus man look like?
  • We need a plan—How do we weave this Exodus man into the lives of the men entrusted to us?
  • We need God’s grace—Apart from God’s grace, this will be, at best, nice words on a page, or at worst, a legalistic form pressed onto the lives of our men, neither of which we want nor need.

In July, we are going to form a team of Exodus men who are seeking to live lives that reflect this. None of these men are doing this perfectly. However, we want a team of men who want to see other men raised up in this fashion. If you have a passion for this kind of investment of your life, please let me know.

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