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“EXILED” Resources: Church & Culture

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Blog

This past weekend, we started a new series on the book of Daniel. You can read more about where we are headed here.

Daniel is a challenging book so we thought it would be helpful to provide some resources to help you if you have questions about the book.

We will be dividing these resources into three categories.
The first of which is on Church and Culture:


  • Disappearing Church – Mark Sayers
    • Disappearing Church will help you sort through concerns, guiding you in a thoughtful, faithful, and hopeful response. Weaving together art, history, and theology, pastor and cultural observer Mark Sayers reminds us that real growth happens when the church embraces its countercultural witness, not when it blends in.


We are excited to get into this important book of Daniel. We hope you will be blessed by it.

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