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Advent Poem: Triumph

by | Dec 23, 2012 | News




There is an aching in our weary souls

A longing deeper than the world can fill

The earth itself is groaning as it rolls

Through season after season.  Oh, when will

The ache of such desires be satisfied?


Just wait. For in the twinkling of an eye

True life will swallow death’s oppressive tide.

Our Lord, once came a baby born to die

Was raised to life, a promise to His own

That He will come triumphant over all

And take His place on Heaven’s glorious throne!

And Christ will show Himself our all in all!

Where once the tears of pain adorned our cheek

A ruddy blush of joy will find its place

Our Lord will grant the new earth to the meek

And fill our longings with abundant grace

Where once the robes of mourning hid our shame

Instead, we’ll don white robes in festal cheer

The church, His bride will finally take His name

And feast before our God, who brings us near.


Soon Christ will come with healing in His wing

So wait, dear saints, wait for your coming King!

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