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Real Life…a study in James

Real life. It feels so ordinary and mundane. We get up, do our routine, come home, go to bed and do it over again until that refuge called “the weekend” comes. But what if God wanted to invade the mundane? What if Jesus’ story spoke into our routine to the point that it no longer seemed routine?

The book of James is a letter written to real people scattered around the real world. They live normal lives, doing normal things. James brings the story of Jesus into the routine of their mundane lives.

James engages our trials, uncertainty and temptation. He speaks to a world where people deal with anger and prejudice. James gets so mundane that he addresses the way we live and even the way we speak. He anticipates our routine by reminding us that the routine might get interrupted at any time by God’s hand.

So, whether you are a follower of Jesus wanting more “real” in the routine, or if you are still unsure and wonder what all this is means for your life, I hope that James will help you see how the story of Jesus invades and redeems the mundane–so that the mundane no longer seems so mundane.

James—Begins September 8

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