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One Church, Multiple Congregations Pt 3

by | Jul 2, 2012 | News

Last week we talked about what will be centralized. This week, as we continue to take a look at what it will look like to be one church existing in multiple congregations, I would like to further clarify what it will mean for us to do some things similar. Things that are done in a similar way at the congregations will be referred to as unified.

What will be similar?

In the video we state that some examples of this will be preaching, teaching and community groups. At Exodus, we believe the church gathers together for many things including preaching, teaching, singing, communion, baptism and prayer. We also believe the church scatters into the world seeking to be good missionaries living in community with one another. When we gather every week, there will be live preaching and teaching at each congregation. Each congregation will be going through the same series from the same Scripture. Each elder that preaches will do so with his unique style and gifts after learning from one another and seeking the Lord for what to preach. Each congregation will also have it’s own community groups (CGs) with their own CG leaders and coaches. As Exodus Church these things will be unified, but do not need to look exactly the same at each congregation. The weekly gathered time of worship will look similar, but each congregation will have its own unique culture and feel to it. This will be true of the how the congregations look when they scatter as CGs on mission as well.

Please continue to pray with us and watch for updates as we follow Jesus on this exciting journey.

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