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One Church, Multiple Congregations Part 2

by | Jun 25, 2012 | News

God has graciously invited us to be a part of His grand mission. I am so excited about all God has in store for us as a church as we seek to play our part well. Last week, we announced the plan for Exodus to move forward into the future as one church existing in multiple congregations. Our hope is to continue to cast a clear vision about what we believe this will look like.

What will be the same?

It is stated in the video that we will do some things the same. The things we will do the same will be referred to as centralized. We believe it will be more effective for the congregations to do some things centralized than to do them separate from one another. Examples of this are some accounting and administrative matters. Elders from within each congregation will oversee what is centralized. Some benefits to doing things centralized will be higher levels of accountability, unity around the mission and vision, and more effective organization. We will only want to have things centralized that will be a benefit to the congregations.

Please continue with us in prayer and continue to watch for updates as we follow Jesus on this exciting journey.

If you have questions, please ask them here.

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