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Notes from a missionary mom…

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Blog, Mission

Throughout December we are focusing on international missions. One of the groups that will benefit from this focus and your generosity this month is Echelon Africa, working to identify and share the love of Christ with unreached people in sub-Saharan Africa. Bobby and Maridith Lane are among the missionaries on the Echelon team.

From time to time, we receive word of special needs that the Echelon team has. Recently, Exodus was privileged to help them with funds to provide a generator. In the context of these special needs, we have become connected with Janet Lane, Bobby’s mother. Bobby comes from a family of Christians who are active in ministry, but he is the only one of them who has chosen foreign missions as his place of service. As you can imagine, that creates a whole range of emotions for the family—and especially the mom—left behind in the States—from pride and joy to fear and trembling.

Janet has shared some current and specific prayer requests with us for the team in Africa. Won’t you join us in praying for:

  • A workable kitchen
  • A solar system to be bought and installed asap
  • Plumbing issues to be fixed
  • A more permanent security situation regarding their property in Kuajok
  • That they would find favor with the local officials in Wau and Kuajok

Janet also writes, “With all the discouragement they are enduring after arriving in South Sudan, your generosity is definitely a welcomed source of encouragement.  Knowing my son and his family have the faithful support of people such as Exodus Church brings such sweet peace to this mother’s heart. Thank you for your willingness to be used by God to care for my beloved son as he and his family and team mates faithfully serve Him there in S. Sudan.”

For those of you who might be interested to understand more of what this missionary team and their families are going through, we encourage you to follow Janet Lane’s blog at http://missionarysmom.wordpress.com. In addition, a short-term missions trip to help the Echelon team is in the very early planning stages. If you’re interested in being a part of that trip, join Franklin Meade for a brief introductory meeting next Sunday, Dec. 15, between the morning worship services at 10:30, near the coffee area at the 101.

Thank you for your generous support of international missions.

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