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Launch Team

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Blog, Community, Mission

Exodus Church Belmont will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in September. We will rejoice over 10 years of God’s Faithfulness to us and God’s Faithfulness in and through us.  

Rather than wait until September, we are going to observe moments throughout the year. The first of these moments is the 10th Anniversary of our First Public Gathering.

On March 1, 2009, we gathered for worship. It was a tremendously horrible day. It was Cold and Rainy. The kind of day when people skip church rather than come to a new one.

Plus, the City of Belmont was doing some repairs on the sewer line outside. So, there was a huge gaping, smelly hole right in front of our door. Not our vision for seeker sensitivity.

But, We had about 80 people in worship, plus kids and those serving them in Exodus Kids. The gospel was preached. Jesus was worshipped. People were welcomed.

After the worship time, we were breaking down our equipment and I went to speak to Darlene Mitchell about her experience that morning.

She said, “Brian, I think they might come back.”

I said, “I hope so!”

And, many did…

Now, that day would not have happened without a team of men and women giving of their time, talent and treasure to see Exodus Church planted. We called it a Launch Team.

Church planting is a team sport. There is no church that gets planted by an individual. This group of men and women (and the kids that came with them) stepped out in faithful obedience to Jesus. We didn’t know what was going to happen, we just knew that we needed to be obedient to Jesus. And, thankfully, God has been kind to us.

Here are the names of those who were part of the launch team that remain with Exodus Church today:


Aaron and Elle Painter
David and Leah Ammons
Kris and Alison Laney
Louis and Darlene Mitchell
John and Heather McEntire
Stephen and Heather Mitchell
Matt and Annie Blackledge
Clay and Jenna Gerringer
Greg and Lisa Milroy
Stephen and Julie Croshaw
Nathan and Casey Chapman
Marcie Silver Montgomery
Brian and Cheryl Lowe


Team, We are so grateful for your sacrifice, courage and trust. We have seen God’s faithfulness to you. We have also seen God’s faithfulness in you in the ways you serve Jesus by serving others here.

Exodus, anything good that you have experienced at Exodus started with these men and women and the children that came with them. So, it’s fitting to glorify God by honoring them.

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