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Health Sermon Series

We live in an interesting time where every potential area of health seems to be a concern for us.  Emotional Health.  Physical Health.  Financial Health.  Look at the books, blogs and media we consume.  Everyone wants to be healthy.

Although everyone “wants” to be healthy, these desires stand against the harsh realities of our choices.  We want to lose weight as long as we can eat what we want.  We want to be fit as long as we don’t have to exercise.  We want to get out of debt and still spend all our money.  Our desire for health combines with a longing for instant gratification and collides with a hatred of hard work and perseverance forming the perfect storm of frustration common to most in our culture.

The hard truth is:  We want to be healthy as long as it doesn’t force us to change anything.

At Exodus, we want to be healthy:  a healthy, growing, vibrant church that honors Jesus by making disciples.   Our next series will help us gauge where we are in that pursuit and how our lives need to change in order to experience it.  Starting in Ephesians 4, we’ll look at Paul’s vision for a healthy church:  Healthy Christians united in healthy communities equipped by healthy leaders for a common mission.  You can see our study plan below.

If this is to happen, then God, by His grace, must call us to repentance and empower us toward healthy living.  Our prayer for this series is that Exodus would be more healthy at the end of June than we are today.  Join us as we explore God’s Word and pursue the goal of being a healthy church.

Study Plan

You can listen to the sermons for this and other Exodus Church content here.

May 13 – Health:  Healthy Christians – Ephesians 4:1-6

Healthy Churches are made up of Healthy Christians.  We’ll take some time to look at what that means and our hope in the gospel.

May 20 – Health:  Healthy Communities – Ephesians 4:7-16

Healthy Churches involve healthy Christians in healthy communities for a common mission.

May 27 – Health:  Redemption – Ephesians 4:17-24

Healthy Churches see the redemptive work of Jesus worked out as people are saved and lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus.

June 3 – Health:  Worship – Romans 12:1-2

Healthy Churches live to delight in and display the supremacy of Jesus when they are gathered for worship and when they are scattered in the world.

June 10 – Health:  Mission – Matthew 28:16-20

Healthy Churches live intentional lives as participants in God’s Mission in the world.

June 17 – Health:  Church Planting – Acts 13

Healthy Churches plant other churches by making disciples, being generous with their resources and sending out leaders so that the gospel can be proclaimed.