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God’s Story at Exodus: Summer Interns

by | May 1, 2014 | Community, Mission

Summer usually brings thoughts of “lazy, hazy days,” picnics in the park and sunning at the beach. But for the three interns who will serve at Exodus this summer, there will be little of that. Theirs will be a summer of service and preparation for future ministry. As they invest in Exodus, we, too, want to invest in their lives. Let’s get to know our interns.

DJ Caswell is well known to many of us at Exodus, as he and his wife Katelyn, along with Stella and Haddon, are members at Exodus. DJ hopes to plant a church himself one day, so his time at Exodus this summer will help him to get a deeper look at the inner workings of a church plant. DJ recognizes a need to build his own leadership skills, particularly among those that are different from him. He expects to “see growth in areas that will be vital for future church planting, for God’s glory.”

Nu Kung Kong is a student at Montreat College, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2015 with a degree in psychology/human services. Her college program requires her to do an internship prior to graduation, but Nu’s reason for interning is more personal than that. “I applied to Exodus Church because I wanted an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and work with a church that loves God with their whole life…I hope to see God mold my heart, my mind, and my personality to how He wants them to be. I want to grow a greater desire to serve God’s church. I hope to see God use me to help others in ways that I could not imagine doing myself.”

Kirk Brown returns to Exodus for the second summer this year. Why come back for another year? “I was really encouraged and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing leaders and individuals last summer when I interned at Exodus… I grew so much in my craft, in my leadership, and my joy in The Lord to the point of realizing I don’t want to stop growing… That’s why I’m back at Exodus.” Kirk is a student at North Greenville University where he is majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in contemporary worship, arts, and leadership, along with a minor in mass communications.

So how will the interns spend their summer? None of them knows exactly what their work assignments will be, but they expect variety to be the “spice” of a summer filled with special events, fun times, and some projects that, like those at all of our homes, get pushed to the back burner until someone comes along to give a hand. Along with the ministry and project work, the interns will have weekly classes on topics like personal time/project management, emotional intelligence, listening skills, finances and budgeting; the rest of the Exodus family will be able to join in these classes. They’ll set developmental goals for each week to coincide with their own personal ministry goals. Nathan Chapman will oversee the program.

No doubt we’ll each have opportunity to work alongside our interns this summer, but until then, we can pray for their time with us. Each has shared some needs…

Nu asks that during her internship, she would grow in confidence and personal discipline. Pray also “that I will not hide away when I get homesick or discouraged, but I will push forward, trusting in God’s sovereignty.”

Kirk asks us to “pray for my eyes to be opened everyday to the joy of The Lord. When Jesus suffered on the cross, he did it for ‘the joy set before him,’ and that joy was knowing that you and I would be fully free, no longer captive to our sin. The joy of the Lord is our strength, so please pray that I see this joy everyday.”

DJ shares, “pray that I manage my time well with the added responsibilities, and that I be humble and teachable. Pray for my future ministry, and for my family.”

It is our joy to pray for our interns, and we look forward to welcoming them to Exodus in late May.


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