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So I’ve pledged. How do I give?

What if I can’t give much?

What if I can give a lot?

Through the Stretch Campaign, Exodus is seeking to raise $500,000 for our facility needs. This will be a financial stretch and a faith stretch as we trust God to stretch out His hand to provide for our needs.

Why “Stretch?”

As you read the book of Exodus, you will see this word repeated twenty times (in the ESV). It is used in a variety of ways, both of God and His people. God’s mighty deliverance of His people is described as God stretching out His hand. God’s stretch is a promise to show up in a big way with His might and resources to do for the people what they cannot do for themselves.

Stretch is also used to describe God’s people in prayer. In Exodus 9:29, Moses promises to stretch his hands to the Lord; in verse 33 Moses keeps his promise. Prayer is our stretch, reminding us that only God can ultimately provide for us, so we humble ourselves in prayer.

How will we Stretch?

For Exodus Church to seek to raise $500,000 will be a faith stretch. We will have to trust God to provide—to stretch out His hand in a mighty way. It will be a financial stretch as we are called to give sacrificially. Exodus will also stretch as a family. The Stretch Campaign will prepare the way to give us more room to spread out and welcome people into our family. We will also grow as a family as we learn to talk about money a little more than normal.

What will Stretch look like?

February 1 begins our conversations about the Stretch Campaign. Each week in February, someone will talk about Stretch. You’ll hear about it alot.

March 1 is Pledge Sunday. On that day, we are asking you to do two things.

  • Make your pledge for the Stretch Campaign using the pledge card that will be provided.
  • Bring 10% of that pledge to give.

March 8 is our Celebration Sunday. We will share what was pledged and given as well as celebrate God’s faithfulness to stretch out His Hand to provide for us.

What is our hope for Stretch?

Certainly we want to raise $500,000 for facility needs, but that’s not our hope.

Our hope is that at the end of the Stretch Campaign, people who don’t like capital campaigns would say that we honored Jesus together in this process.

If we raise $500,000 but don’t honor Jesus, we have not succeeded. Our primary hope for the Stretch Campaign is that we would honor Him by trusting Him to provide, seeking Him for direction about what we should give and worshiping Him with our resources.