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Does Baptism Save?

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Blog, Redemption, Theology

In his sermon on Sunday, Brian taught from 1 Peter 3 about the challenges that we might face when trying to express our faith to others. He encouraged us to be ready for the questions people might have about our faith–ready with an answer and ready with a relationship that forms the basis for the conversation.

In the context of his discussion in the text, Peter mentions baptism–in a way that might raise some questions. Does baptism save? If not, what is it about? We need to be ready with answers to questions about this key doctrine of the faith.

John Piper has written an article, drawing from 1 Peter 3,  that discusses, “What is Baptism and Does it Save?” We encourage you to read this article to deepen your understanding of this important topic.


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