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Disciples’ Worship

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Blog, Community, Worship

by Nathan Chapman

#5 in a series on 1 Peter

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field” (Matthew 13:44, ESV).

All of us are constantly worshiping something. Each day we make hundreds of decisions that are determined by what we value. Even in this moment there are things competing for your time and attention and, ultimately, your worship. You are likely aware of some of the of the values that have shaped the direction of your life leading up to this point. Those values determine many things in your life. God is about the business of gathering worshipers of himself.  For those who know him, there is a growing awareness that God’s kingdom and his lordship is of utmost importance. We are like the man who has found the hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44). Disciples are people who have discovered that knowing God is the most valuable treasure that they can possess in this life. God calls us to value himself supremely. That means more than any other thing in our lives.


Because worship is not a particular action, but all of life,  disciples seek to make their lives about valuing God supremely. We worship God both during our times together and times scattered in our workplaces, our homes, and all over the world. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to ascribe worth to our Creator.


The reality that we are always worshiping makes the times that we join our worship together into a gathering that much sweeter. Our gatherings are opportunities to praise in community the truths that unite us. Disciples gather to celebrate our creator, confess our sin, revel in our redemption, and hope for our glorious future. When we make a corporate confession that God is Lord and savior and worthy of our praise, we complete the joy that we have in those realities.

There are several values of the time we spend worshiping together. Hopefully if you have been part of Exodus Church you would be able to notice these values in our gatherings.

  • We want to make much of the Lord during our gathered time. That means that the preaching, singing, and readings will stir our affections and attention towards our God.
  • We want the Gospel to be central.  Everything from the order that we place songs in to how we proclaim God’s word is connected to the narrative of the Gospel message.  We weekly acknowledge:
    • that God is creator and sovereign,
    • that we are all sinners,
    • that Christ has accomplished the work needed for our salvation,
    • and that we are looking forward to complete restoration when all things will be made new.
  • We hope to be connected both to timeless and timely music. We will sing songs that have been sung for generations and songs that are recently written.
  • We hope to be excellent in everything we do to exalt our great God.

Our worship services are not about individuality, but about a corporate celebration of shared redemption and truth. We join our hearts in songs, prayers, and listening as we gather our lives together in one room to value Christ supremely.

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