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The Disciple Map Launch

by | Feb 23, 2020 | News

On Sunday, February 23, 2020, our church launched The Disciple Map. It is a discussion tool used to help individuals identify where they are and where they are going as disciples. It is a simple conversational guide for people who are interested in gaining some traction in their spiritual life. We are full of hope and anticipation around what God might do.

What will happen?
During a span of 7 weeks (from launch day to Easter) participants will choose a partner to meet with three times over the course of the 7 weeks. If you have someone in mind consider asking them today to do this with you. If you need to be paired with someone we will help you find a partner.

Each day during the 7 weeks we have individuals who have agreed to fast and pray over this process. We are praying more specifically that God would bring about fresh confession, repentance, and faith in the lives of those involved. We are also praying that God would renew the joy of salvation in each participant. If you would like to receive a prayer guide or would like to sign up to fast and pray for one of the days please email us for that at disciplemap@theexoduschurch.org.

If you would like to receive resources that help you to walk through the process please give us your email here. We will let you know the first steps to starting this journey.

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