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Coronavirus Update – 3.13.20

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Blog, News

Exodus Church will not hold Sunday worship services this coming Sunday, 3/15.

In compliance with the strong recommendations of national, state, and local leaders, all gatherings are canceled for the week of 3/15-3/21. This includes Sunday worship services, community groups, Exodus Students, Bible studies, prayer times, Financial Peace University, and all other activities related to the church.

Check out the video and FAQ below:


Why have we canceled everything?

We are acting out of an abundance of caution and submission to the authorities where God has placed us. Local leaders have asked that all gatherings larger than 50 be canceled. The purpose of the preemptive closures of all gatherings is to “flatten the curve”, slowing the spread of the illness and limiting the number of new cases at any one time so that our healthcare system is better able to care for those who are critically ill. By eliminating the sources of potential contagion that our gatherings could cause, we are loving and serving our neighbors, especially those who are most at risk.

Is it okay to feel extremely frustrated by this?

We’re all sad to have to cancel everything without warning. It was a decision that we came to only after a lot of information, discussion, and prayer. It’s absolutely possible and acceptable to be upset and frustrated at the cancellations here and everywhere and also be understanding of the reasons and appreciative of the efforts and responses.

Is the church able to provide anything during this shutdown?

Absolutely! We are working hard behind the scenes to plan and execute on some ways to maintain our community even when we can’t gather together. For this Sunday, we will have a recorded sermon and some worship music recommendations that we’ll send. We highly encourage you to worship in your own home. Our staff will meet on Monday to continue discussions and planning and we’re hopeful that we can be creative with ways to keep everyone connected and encouraged during this time.

What happens after next week?

That’s a great question, and one we don’t have an answer for just yet. The news changes minute to minute and we are responding as quickly and prayerfully as we can. We hope to have some decisions made early next week and we promise to keep communicating with you.

What if I have questions or need something?

Please reach out to us if you have a question or a need. Someone will always be available to talk to you or help you. You can reach us at info@theexoduschurch.org. That email address is always monitored and your request will be sent to the appropriate person.

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